Humans are complex being emotionally. We let things to take control of us. Things that hurt us the most. Nothing is more hurtful than being in one-sided love or being cheated on. Nothing hurts more than knowing that the other person did not feel the same about you. One sided expectation kills. The love turns into hurt and eventually starts eating us away yet we still hold on to it because we want the good feeling that it once gave us and to be honest we do not know how to live without it anymore.

It kinda sucks to see people posting about their relationships on social media and you wonder why can’t find someone who truly loves you unconditionally and why do you always end up getting hurt and heart-broken. There were people whom I have known begged their partners not to leave when the partners chose to leave. It’s hard and it hurts.

Well, how to stop this emotional attachment? How do you stop yourself from falling for the wrong person and getting your heart-broken? How to detect a fuckboy right away? Come on, let us all be honest. We have all been in love with a fuckboy who either used you, cheated on you or was not serious about you at all but you were too in love that you did not realize all the fuckboy signs he was showing all this while and then you got yourself hurt. Well, let me tell you how to stop this. ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INSTINCT. I feel instincts are a gift from God. Instincts are warnings from God or whatever higher power you trust that you are stepping into a shit hole. They can do remarkable things to you. One of it is it will give you a clue on someone. When your instinct tells you that he might be a fuckboy, leave him right away. Fuckboys always leave their trail behind. He will give off some sort of clue that he is one without realizing it. Most of us will choose to ignore it thinking that ‘ Oh, I don’t think he is like that. I am totally overthinking’. Nope, sister! You are wrong! He is like that! Don’t let that love blind you. Don’t let that heart lock your brain inside a sound proof room. Listen to your brain. I know its hard but you have to.

It’s easy for me to say. It hurts badly. You feel extremely depressed because you are disappointed with everything, You keep asking yourself what did I do wrong? And you keep blaming for yourself for what had happened. You feel mad at him at the same time you think you have lost what means a lot to you. I just want to tell you that its okay to feel hurt. You are allowed to feel whatever that you are feeling but trust me that you are worth it, no matter what and you don’t have to prove to anyone that you are worth it. If he can’t see it then it’s his loss because he is too dumb not see how amazing you are. Let karma do its job. One day he will feel what you feel. He will be treated as badly as how you were treated. So, sit back, relax and let karma do its job.

Please allow yourself to heal. Take all the time in the world to feel whatever that you are feeling. Eventually time will heal everything. I don’t know when but trust me you will heal. Allow yourself to be yourself again and start loving yourself before you fall in love again. Go out there and explore the world.


Do things you love to do. Watch your favourite show, read your favourite book, eat your favourite food. Now is the time to even step out of your comfort zone and try out something that you have been afraid off or something that you thought were impossible to do. You don’t have be tough on yourself and lock up your heart in order not to feel hurt again. Always believe that you are absolutely worth it, no one can love like you do. Trust me, any guy who us in love with you is lucky to have you because you are an amazing lady. After a while when you have got over him and you have moved on, you will look back at all those moments and laugh at yourself. ‘Like seriously, I cried for a fuckboy? What was wrong with me?’  And before you fall in love again, always remember my advise, TRUST YOUR INSTINCT. And walk away when you see the first sign that he is not into you. Walk away even when it hurts because trust me it will save you a lot of hurt later.

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